A native of Detroit…

Donald Joseph began performing and producing electronic music in the Detroit underground rave scene during the late 90’s.

From 2008 to 2011 Donald took his music production and turntablism skills to the west coast of the US where he travelled, toured, collaborated and performed with a wide variety of artists across many genres.


There’s no place like Detroit…

In 2011, Donald’s love for Techno brought him back to Detroit to combine efforts with Rory PQ, Stephen James and Erelevent to co-found “Sub÷Divizion”, a Detroit based techno record label. Donald then began releasing his own music and remixes of other Sub÷Divizion artists’ releases.

In 2014, Donald created “AudioLogicMastering”, and has since been providing audio mastering services for electronic music producers and record labels around the globe.

Donald Joseph’s technical know-how and momentum in the studio continues fuel his growing catalog of releases. Though, some may argue that what defines Donald as and artist is his performances – A culmination of over fifteen years of turntablism and mixing electronic music, and a passion for live performances employing a variety of hardware synths, samplers and drum machines. Donald’s presentation methods and style are constantly evolving and remain unique to each performance.