A few guidelines to understand before sending us your demo

We release a specific style of techno so kindly take a minute to familiarize yourself with our releases catalogs SUB014 and higher before sending us your demo submissions so you know what we’re about.

Demos are accepted via our SoundCloud Demos account only.

For consideration please only submit private SoundCloud links, accompanied with your contact details. We will only listen to completed full-length tracks, so please do not send us snippets, works in progress, or mixes. Ensure your submissions are downloadable WAV or 320kb MP3 files.

We do not sign any material that has an online presence or is already shared on social network websites. (If your tunes have a lot of plays we won’t listen to them.)

We only accept original material. Please do not send copyrighted material, remixes of already released tracks, or music that has been submitted to other labels.

We do listen to everything that is submitted and truly appreciate all the tunes that are shared with us, but unfortunately we only have so much time and resources to devote, so we may not reply to everyone. However, if we like your tunes and are interested in working with you we will definitely be in touch.

If you are a like-minded artist crafting tunes with influences from worldwide sounds of house and techno and would like to join a close-knit team of music makers and enthusiasts and become a Sub÷Divizion artist, please send us your demos to our SoundCloud Demos account.

To sign a new artist we require at least two tracks to sign a EP (we don’t release singles anymore). If you only sent us one track don’t sweat it, we will wait for you to send us another track if we like the first track.

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