Interactive Ableton Live Audio-Visual Template

Backpack Music Festival In this video demonstration Rory PQ explores the inner workings of an interactive Ableton Live Audio-Visual Template he designed for the 9th Annual Backpack Music Festival on Belle Isle, Detroit. Guests of all ages and skill levels will have the opportunity to get creative and hands-on with music, technology, audio/video manipulation, education and more!

History of Hip-Hop

LL Cool J Hip-Hop is a culture born from the ashes of Disco and the development of funk. During the early 70s many funk groups began playing Disco because at the time Disco was the latest trend. Drawing from Disco production techniques, funk music started to become technology driven as it absorbed more electronic sounds from synthesizers and drum machines. By the mid 70s, funk became the new dance music in urban America.

History of House Music

Chicago House MusicHouse Music is a genre of dance music that has spread like a wildfire across the world. It has been keeping people dancing for well over 20 years and has become a lifestyle many have come to love and appreciate. Deriving from Disco, House Music has evolved into many sub-genres that have gained mass appeal and will continue to exponentially grow. Lets explore how this niche underground sound was born and how it became globally recognized as the soundtrack to the club culture that exists today.
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