Gain Staging with Ableton Live

Gain Stage - Main w FXThe Loudness War and why it's even more so important to learn how to balance between perceived loudness and the dynamic range of your music in order to control your input and output levels and achieve better sound quality.

First Look Into Live 9

Ableton 9 DeskAbleton has always had an open ear towards their users... Well, they heard us loud and clear and have successfully excelled in delivering its most unique program to date for audio production and live performance… Live 9.

Preparing Your Music for an Ableton Live DJ Set

Preparing A DJ SetAbleton Live is a powerful tool for producers but it also excels as the ultimate digital DJ platform. Ableton allows you to essentially build and create a custom DJ template that suits your needs and allows you to expand your creativity and evolve as a DJ.

Basic Guide to Using Audio Equalizers in Your Production

EQ BlogDuring the course of a project, mixing and equalization is one of the most important processes that can ultimately make or break your tune. Proper EQing is essential to improve sounds, balance elements in a mix and add clarity and depth to your music.

Ableton Announces Live 9 and Push

Push and Live 9Ableton has announced two new music-making products: Live 9, the music creation software, and Push - Ableton's first hardware instrument for Live.

How to Get The Best Sound Quality from Ableton Live

High QualityWhen using Ableton for a live performance it is essential to minimize the CPU load to avoid crashes or unwanted distortion from CPU spikes. Luckily, by default, many of Ableton’s settings are intended to optimize playback and keep CPU usage low. This is great for performance reasons, but it doesn’t provide the highest sound quality available from Ableton Live. Don’t sweat, because Ableton is one of the most versatile DAWs on the market, and you can believe they have installed features to allow us to achieve high quality sound for productions.

Compression and Dymanic Processing

In this Ableton Live tutorial, Sub÷Divizion's Rory PQ shares some tips on Dynamic Processing using Ableton's Multiband Dynamics Device and a Compressor.
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