Drum MIDI FX is a set of nine MIDI Effects Racks designed to be placed before Drum Racks and Impulse devices to enhance their capabilities.

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Included Devices

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Performance & DJ MIDI Racks

Alternate Drum Layouts

Placing this device before a Drum Rack on a MIDI track will allow you to morph output drum patterns by altering which samples are triggered. Choose from 30 different subtle variations.


This device is a “Flam” type micro-delay that affects MIDI notes going through it. Although it was originally designed for drums, nothing is stopping you from using it for melodies or sound effects. Try automating the Macro Controls for more interesting results.

Random MIDI Fill

This device is a magic knob that will temporarily change the drum pattern going through it into a randomized fill. Turn the knob to change the speed and set it to zero to end the fill.

Triplet MIDI Fill

This magic knob device will temporarily change the drum pattern going through it into a triplet-timed fill. Turn the knob to change the speed and set it to zero to end the fill.

Velocity Flux

This device automates random variation to the volume of notes played and will not exceed the original strength. You can also push up quiet notes for a more consistent average.


Combines instances of ‘Velocity Flux,’ ‘Random Fill,’ ‘Triplet Fill,’ ‘Flam MIDI,’ and ‘Alternate Drum Layouts’ in one easy-to-use super rack. Great for placing before any Drum Rack for live performance or compositional fun.

Other MIDI Racks

Drum Rack Shifter

This MIDI Effect Rack allows you to load up a single Drum Rack with up to 8 different full kits (16 pads each). You can instantly switch between which kit is playing without having to change the MIDI notes you are sending to the DAW.

To use this rack, place it before a Drum Rack loaded with samples lined up with one kit worth of 16 pads per 4×4 grid section. Turn The Macro Control to select which kit will be played.

Note: Make sure your drum pad MIDI controller is sending notes from C1 to D#2.

Tip: You can drop multiple samples from one Drum Rack into another at once. Using this technique, you can quickly make a “Frankenstein Super Drum Rack” out of your eight favorite Drum Racks.

Drum Rack to Impulse ReMapper

This rack re-routes MIDI throughput so that patterns designed for a standard Drum Rack will play through an Impulse instead. You can also use it in real time to play the Impulse using a MIDI controller set up to control Drum Racks without having to change what notes you are sending to the DAW. No controls, just drop it in, and it’s ready to use.

Impulse to Drum Rack ReMapper

This rack functions the opposite as the Drum Rack to Impulse ReMapper. It takes MIDI clips designed for an Impulse and routes them to a standard Drum Rack pattern instead. Since one 4×4 Drum Rack grid section includes twice as many slots as one instance of Impulse, there are included Macros for each drum hit to select between two different options of slot to trigger.

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Compatibility: This template will work on a Mac or PC running Ableton Live version 9 or higher.

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