The Scratch-O-Matic is a fun and easy to use Instrument Rack that can be used to add and manipulate scratch sounds in your mix. It comes loaded with 128 scratch samples that can be quickly selected with the turn of a knob. We didn’t want to take the fun out of scratching so we added a Scratch It-Up Macro Knob that can be easily MIDI mapped to your controllers fader for some fast hands-on cutting and scratching. We have also include Pitch, Reverse, Delay, and Grain Redux FX Macro Knobs to add some style and flavor to your scratching.

Macro Knobs that can be easily MIDI mapped to a controller for hands-on control.

Scratch Selector Macro Knob – Scrubs through 128 different scratch samples.

Scratch It-Up Macro Knob – Allows you to cut and scratch the selected scratch sample similar to scratching with a traditional crossfader.

Dry Sound Macro Knob – Used to add in a Dry version of the selected scratch sample when scratching with the Scratch It-Up Macro Knob.

Pitch Macro Knob – Used to pitch the selected scratch sample up or down 24 semitones.

Rate Macro Knob – Used to adjust the playback rate of the selected scratch sample.

Reverse Macro Knob – Used to reverse the playback of the selected scratch sample.

Bounce Delay Macro Knob – Used to add some style and stereo width to your scratch by delaying the sound from left to right on your speakers.

Grain Redux Macro Knob – Uses a combination of effects to manipulate the selected scratch sound for some added flavor.

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