• Title
    Get Punched
  • Artist
    Sean Bartley
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
    Augustus Williams
  • Genre
    Tech House
  • Catalog
  • Format
  • Label
    Sub÷Divizion Records
  • Date
    25 Sept 2014

When it comes to production, Sean Bartley has only one goal; to make people feel music. With “Get Punched” Sean grabs the attention of fans that just want to groove. From it’s deep bassline, to the groovy and tight classic percussion, “Get Punched” takes you on a journey that will consistently make you want to move your feet.

Side B brings a darker flavor to your ears from Lingk’s latest alias GAECKE, a new moniker for his darker and harder side of techno. With it, a remix of ‘Get Punched’ delivering dark atmospheres and rolling basslines surrounded by metallic percussion and nuances that will elevate your pulse and release adrenaline fueling your feet on the dance floor.

Augustus Williams debuts on the Sub÷Divizion imprint with his chilled out and tech driven remix. Enter Augustus’s world through melodic vocal chops, swung out groove, and mysterious melodies turning the track into a completely different version. The Yin to the originals Yang!

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