• Title
    With Strangers in Elevators
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  • Date
    23 March 2015

“With Strangers in Elevators” is SOUNKODE’s first EP. Influenced by both of his homes, the releases are influenced by Detroit electronic synths and percussion, but also sounds from ethnic Armenian instruments and chats from Armenian priests. Two of the tracks are quite dark, while the title track leaves it own, separate sound.

“With Strangers in Elevators” – One word – Detroit. From top to bottom, there is no doubt this song was influenced by early Detroit techno. A first time listener would swear that they were listening to old school vinyl.

“Solfège” – SOUNKODE always wanted to produce a track using the well-known “Do-ri-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do”, so he did; he’s not sure why. It turned into a bit of a dark track, which was not planned, whatsoever. Heavily tribal.

“Garni” – Named after a 1st century temple in Armenia, this track is influenced by the tsiranapogh, an ancient Armenian instrument from 1200BC, and Armenian priest chants. The underlying purpose of this track is to show Christianity and dark music can coexist.

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