• Title
    Lost Interaction
  • Artist
    Ninna V
  • Remixer
    Lester Fitzpatrick
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
    Donald Joseph
  • Genre
  • Catalog
  • Format
  • Label
    Sub÷Divizion Records
  • Date
    24 Nov 2015

Sub÷Divizion welcomes Portuguese sensation Ninna V to the family with her debut release, ‘Lost Interaction.’ The six track EP features two original tracks ‘Lost Interaction’ and ‘Terra Lie’ paired with four diverse remixes. ‘Lost Interaction’ and ‘Terra Lie’ defines her craft, showcasing the classic Ninna V sound that balances sassy cymbals, hard hitting bass kicks, subtle builds, and atmospheric vibes. Ninna V truly delivers with this release!

Lester Fitzpatrick brings his talent and Chicago influence to the Detroit-based imprint for the first time with a hypnotic remix of ‘Lost Interaction’ sculpted from a heavy dose of buzzed out synth sequences, dark abstracts, and a stomping kick sure to move speakers.

GAECKE takes on ‘Lost Interaction’ with a Detroit style remix built tuff with a foundation of strong percussion, rolling basslines, and futuristic drones that drive the tracks intensity factor.

GND also debut on Sub÷Divizion with a warehouse style remix of ‘Terra Lie’ that takes us into peak hour with its driving force of weighty kicks, dark industrial feel beats, and bass heavy sub forces that will pound your chest on the dancefloor.

Donald Joseph returns with his signature sound and takes ‘Terra Lie’ in another direction by introducing some high energy funk and charisma. Impelled by an energetic rhythm structure and tight grooves, the track injects musical endurance sure to get you moving.

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