• Title
  • Artist
    DJ Seoul
  • Remixer
    Ninna V
  • Remixer
    Donald Joseph
  • Remixer
    Coma Coz
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
    Donald Joseph
  • Genre
  • Catalog
  • Format
  • Label
    Sub÷Divizion Records
  • Date
    29 Mar 2016

Renowned Detroit Techno Militia player and longtime veteran ambassador of Detroit Techno, DJ Seoul debuts his talent on the Sub÷Divizion imprint with his Insideout EP featuring two original tracks and five remixes. Seoul’s crafted works ‘About Face’ and ‘Water Always Wins’ are a product of a very long journey that started at Detune studios in Ghent, Belgium. Equipped with an Elektron Octatrack sequencer, Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer, and a JoMoX MBase11 Analog Bass Drum Module, Seoul transformed his live act into Techno treasures during a six-hour live set in Tresor, Berlin’s legendary basement club. Remixes from the illustrious Techno sensation Ninna V, alongside Detroit visionaries GND, Donald Joseph, SOUNDKODE, and Columbus’s Coma Coz transmute ‘About Face’ and ‘Water Always Wins’ into powerful enclaves of hypnotic and driven tracks for the modern era of Techno.

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