• Title
    The Time Traveler
  • Artist
    Alex Metro
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
  • Remixer
    Donald Joseph
  • Genre
  • Catalog
  • Format
  • Label
    Sub÷Divizion Records
  • Date
    19 May 2016

Sub÷Divizion welcomes adept Alex Metro to the family with his debut release ‘The Time Traveler.’ This seven track EP features four originals and three remixes. The title track ‘The Time Traveler’ takes you on a deep dark techno journey into space projecting mysterious synth hits and drones backed by an enthralling rolling bassline. ‘House Machine’ brings a funky groove alongside a gloomy tone for an engaging dark vibe. Hypnotic breakdowns are encountered in ‘Up In Smoke’ paralleled with a murky minimalistic swell of sounds. ‘Minimal Jakin’ captures a warm, soothing affection perfect for transitioning the party into the late hours. Track selections from Detroit enthusiasts GND, GAECKE, and Donald Joseph conclude the excellence of this sonic adventure with solid remixes that bring new directions and style to the originals.

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